RXwing - Aerial Photography

With a photographer’s eye, full CAA certification (PfCO) and comprehensive insurance we can add a unique visual dimension to your project.

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Aerial Photography

Seen from 400 feet up our perspective is shifted and the world looks very different, often revealing hidden features or relationships.

After an initial survey we will draw up a flight plan to ensure safety and compliance, we’ll then watch for a weather window to guarantee the best shots.

Video & Editing

Using the drone to capture stunning 4k video is a great way to add a wow factor to your project. We can even repeat the same shot over time to reveal the progress of a building project or the changing seasons.

Surveys & Inspections

With the ability to fly into difficult to reach areas drones are an excellent tool for surveys and inspections. Roofs, solar panels, agricultural, forestry, even fish farms, if we can can get within 500 meters we can film it or give you a first person view (FPV). 

3D Mapping

Drones can be used to capture 3D models of building and landscapes with remarkable accuracy with the resulting image map can be used by architects and planners, saving time and money compared to conventional CAD services.