ControlX Digital

Control X Digital design, develop and support websites, specialising in easy to use and well maintained sites with a focus on user experience.

Jargon free consultancy on all aspects of digital development. From websites to complex applications we have the depth of experience to help you at every stage.

Website Design & Development

Working closely with you to understand your objectives and advise on an approach depending on your priorities, allowing you to make informed choices every step of the way.

We use WordPress as our core content management system, integrating best-in-class plugins and third party services when additional functionality is required.

View our client list or get in touch to discuss your project.

Digital Consultancy

Whether you are creating your first website or want to improve your existing presence, are a start-up or want help with a funding application we can be your guide through the digital maze.

With over 20 years experience we have seen just about every pitfall, with our help you can avoid new ones.

Please get in touch to discuss your project.

Digital Mentoring

Having someone on your side who knows the technology, process and pitfalls is a real asset when creating a website.

Whether you looking to appoint an agency or are working with an existing supplier we can be your trusted advisor, helping you understand what’s being said and making sure your you get what you need and have been promised.

Please get in touch to discuss your project.

ControlX - Managed Hosting

Secure and reliable hosting for WordPress websites.

Our Managed Update Service means your site is always up to date and secure, while our support team is on hand.

To discuss hosting please get in touch.

WordPress Hosting

We actively manage our servers to ensure they are secure and each site has the space, bandwidth and resources it needs to run smoothly.

We can provide various levels of security certificates (SSL) as required.

Managed Updates

Keeping WordPress updated is essential, but with several core updates a year and plugins updating every month it can be hard to keep on top of the admin.

With our WordPress Update Service the core application and all plugins are updated as new versions become available with a roll-back service in case of any problems, meaning you never have to worry about updating WordPress again.

Please get in touch to sign up to our Managed Updates service. 

24/7 Monitoring

How do we know our servers are reliable? We run 24/7 uptime monitoring on all sites to ensure they are available.

The monitoring also flags any security or access issues with WordPress, by receiving prompt alerts our support team can respond quickly to any issues. 

Backups & Recovery

Even with reliable servers and managed WordPress updates there is sometimes a need to roll back to a previously saved version.

Our RAID disks means there’s a copy of your site to hand with an off-site copy in case of total disaster. We can supply local backups for additional peace of mind.

Domain Names

Sorting out problems with domain names can be frustrating, time consuming and expensive, so the  best approach is to set up the registration properly at the outset.

We can register new domains and help manage your existing names.

RichardX - Photography

Interior, architectural, product, press & PR photography.

High quality imagery for web or print with an extensive library of Scottish landscape photography.

To discuss your project please get in touch.

Solstice sunset
#solstice #solstice2020 #Perthshire #sunset #dronevideo #ShotOnDJI #DroneGram #aerielphotography #rxwing

The river.
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#Stobhall #Perthshire #Scotland #reflection

RXwing - Aerial Photography

With a photographer’s eye, full CAA certification (PfCO) and comprehensive insurance we can add a unique visual dimension to your project.

To discuss anything drone related get in touch.

Aerial Photography

Seen from 400 feet up our perspective is shifted and the world looks very different, often revealing hidden features or relationships.

After an initial survey we will draw up a flight plan to ensure safety and compliance, we’ll then watch for a weather window to guarantee the best shots.

Video & Editing

Using the drone to capture stunning 4k video is a great way to add a wow factor to your project. We can even repeat the same shot over time to reveal the progress of a building project or the changing seasons.

Arnison Dash Fell Race

See more on YouTube

Surveys & Inspections

With the ability to fly into difficult to reach areas drones are an excellent tool for surveys and inspections. Roofs, solar panels, agricultural, forestry, even fish farms, if we can can get within 500 meters we can film it or give you a first person view (FPV). 

3D Mapping

Drones can be used to capture 3D models of building and landscapes with remarkable accuracy with the resulting image map can be used by architects and planners, saving time and money compared to conventional CAD services. 

Aerial Photography

Ness, Isle of Lewis